Zoom / Hybrid Depositions

Zoom Depositions

Until a few years ago most depositions were conducted in person, with all participants physically present in the same location. However, with the recent pandemic as well as a move to remote working environments, video depositions have become more prevalent, especially with the widespread adoption of virtual communication tools like video conferencing.

Zoom depositions present a unique setting that requires some trouble shooting to ensure all participants are online and actively listening and being heard.  It also requires a clear understanding that only invited individuals may be in the zoom deposition and that all participants must be identified at the beginning of the deposition.  Royal Video Productions ensures this in all our zoom depositions and more.  As the host or co-host we can create the invite, pin the witness, share documents, manage who may be entering the meeting  and ensure all audio is level and clear.

Hybrid Depositions

As we move back to in-person depositions, Royal Video realizes that some element of Zoom depositions may always stay with us.  Royal Video Productions offers a Hybrid deposition option to handle this transition.  When conducting a hybrid deposition, we will set up an in-person deposition for those who can attend in person, while at the same time running a zoom deposition for anyone who is unable to attend in person.  We provide laptop and connectivity through our in-person camera set up to ensure all parties can seamlessly participate regardless of their location.

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