Eric Jensen brings Leadership, Professional Expertise and Superior Customer Service to the legal video industry in the Greater Seattle area and Pacific Northwest.

Leadership:  As a Certified Legal video specialist, Eric Jensen has been a guest speaker at the National Court reporting  Associations' Certified Legal Video Specialist program covering topics such as Courtroom presentation for litigators, Interactive Media for trial, Settlement Documentary Production and creating Effective Day-In-Life videos. Eric was the first to offer Zoom depositions when the pandemic hit in April of 2020.

Professional Expertise:  Eric Jensen consults regularly on courtroom video use, deposition law (rules), day in the life creation and now , Zoom setup, exhibit share and Hybrid video use in court proceedings.  This along with his 38 years of successful legal video business has elevated him to the MOST EXPERIENCED legal video professional in the greater Seattle market.  He has also been called upon by many local and nationally acclaimed attorneys for assistance and production.

Superior Customer Service:  Eric Jensen has spent 38 years satisfying customers with immediate response times, proactive trial preparation and high quality audio / video  products.  Listen to what customers say about Royal Video productions:

With thousands of video depositions and hundreds of individual productions for cases large and small, Eric Jensen is the choice for Attorneys looking for Leadership, Experience and Proven Customer Satisfaction.

Call Royal Video Productions (425) 941 - 5835 to take your case to the next level.

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